Yael Schweitzer, LCSW, BC-DMT: Mindfulness-Based Therapy in Portland, Oregon

China, 2018

Beijing Center for Mindfulness:

January 2-4 – three evenings MB-DMT workshops

January 6 – one day MB-DMT workshop

MB-DMT Basic Program

Beijing, October 11-14, 2018

MB-DMT Basic Program

Shenzhen, October 18-21, 2018

China, 2017

December 2017:

December 27-28: Two-day workshop for organizers: Introduction to MB-DMT

August 2017:
Workshops in Zibo and Beijing

March - April 2017:
Workshops in Beijing

China, July 2016

BMT – Body/Mind Training

Beijing – July 9-12 & Hangzhou – July 15-19

A 10 month new training program for therapist, teachers, healthcare provider, managers for soft skills & DMT integration with their work. To be taught by 6 teachers from Holland and the US. My workshop opened the training program.

The 4 day body awareness module focuses on body awareness, mindfulness and movement embedded in the MB-DMT approach (Mindfulness-Based Dance/Movement Therapy). It aims at enhancing participants' self-awareness and connection with their body/mind and in training them to apply the learned material in their professional work.

MB-DMT for Single Mothers

Beijing, July 22-24

A 3 days MB-DMT workshop for single mothers. Please see the video for promotional description of the workshop.


China, April 2016

Four Day MB-DMT Workshops in China

  1. Shenzhen – March 31-April 3
  2. Beijing – April 7-10
  3. Taiyuan – April 14-17

Beijing, China — August 2015

MB-DMT: Mindfulness-Based Dance/Movement Therapy

4 day workshop, August 13-16

Mindfulness-Based Dance/Movement Therapy is an approach to human psychology, wellness and growth that integrates mindfulness principles and practices with dance/ movement therapeutic approaches to the body and the mind.

At the 4 day workshops participants are presented with theory and practice of MB-DMT. Sessions include explanations, meditation, exercises/movement/dance and sharing that includes discussion on relevance to everyday life.

MB-DMT: Mindfulness-Based Dance/Movement Therapy. 4 day workshop, August 13-16.

Benefits from participating at the 4 day workshop:

Self-growth and development:

Effective interactions, communication and leadership:

Skills for wellness of self and the community:

Improved workplace performance and interaction:


Upon completion of the workshop participants receive a certificate of participation.

MB-DMT — Cultivating Compassion, Acceptance and presence

4 day workshop, August 20-23

Compassion, acceptance and presence are integral parts of the mindfulness approach and practice. In this workshop we will focus on these aspects while strengthening mindfulness in all other aspects as well.

There is an increasing recognition in recent years of the role and importance that compassion plays in the well-being of people, and subsequently it became an important component in therapy and self-development programs. Self-compassion and compassion for others serve people in their work towards self-acceptance, growth and healing. It supports our emphatic, caring and demanding relationships with family, social circles and at work. Compassion helps us all to open the heart with acceptance and tolerance of our human differences and uniqueness.

Cultivating Compassion, Acceptance and presence

Being present and centered helps us meet life challenges with mindfulness and calm, respond skillfully rather than react automatically, and gain confidence and stability.

Cultivating compassion, acceptance and presence will take place in this workshop through integration and embodiment of a variety of mindfulness practices with individual and interactive dance/movement improvisations. Sessions will include theory, experiential exercises, dance/movement experiences, sharing and discussion about integration of the practices and learned qualities in everyday life. The movement comes from deep listening to the body and from awareness to others and since it derives from such attention it means it is done without music. No previous experience in dance is needed and everyone is welcome to attend regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, physical ability or body shape.

Through participation in this workshop participants gain:

  1. Tools to cultivate compassion for self and others
  2. Deeper sense of self-acceptance (body & mind)
  3. An ability to recognize and honor the ‘inner critic’ without taking-on its messages
  4. Mindfulness skills for everyday activities
  5. Enhanced centeredness and inner stability.
  6. Developed empathic attunement
  7. Expanded feeling of relatedness and connectedness
  8. Improved relationships with self and others
  9. Enhanced sense of joy and openness
  10. Freedom of movement, creativity and expression.

2015 Third Academic Conference of Chinese Association for Psychological Intervention

Peking University Health Science Center, August 15, 2015

Presented MB-DMT — theory, integration and implementation in therapy, including a short experiential.

2015 Third Academic Conference of Chinese Association for Psychological Intervention

Peking University Health Science Center, August 15, 2015


MB-DMT Mindfulness-Based Dance/Movement Therapy

One day post-conference workshop for therapists, August 17, 2015

At the 1 day workshops participants were presented with the basic theory and practice of MB-DMT and got to experience through exercises and experientials explorations in movement how to listen to the body, be present and express their inner movement impulses, and how to relax the body and the mind. The discussion included explanation on the use of the approach in therapy both for the therapist and the clients.

One day post-conference workshop for therapists, August 17, 2015


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