Yael Schweitzer, LCSW, BC-DMT: Mindfulness-Based Therapy in Portland, Oregon

Current Local & International Courses & Trainings


Due to Coronavirus all scheduled courses and training (but a couple) were cancelled.

A Creative Dance course in Germany was conducted in-person:
Bochum, Germany - June 27-8, 2020: Creative Dance workshop

In these challenging times of Coronavirus and social distancing this workshop was an opportunity to relate, connect, express, and satisfy your kinesthetic sense. Across the safety space of 2 meter we explored a range of possibilities to create individual, duo and whole group dance improvisations.

The workshop presented the principles, concepts and applications of Mettler-Based Creative Dance and deepened the participants? understanding of the basic elements of dance: force, time and space. This workshop was designed for people with some experience of Mettler-Based Dance Improvisation.

Online workshop for people in China, February - July 2020

Between February to July 2020, Following the break of the Coronavirus epidemic in China, I provided 15 short online workshops (1.5 hour each) to medical stuff and other interested people in Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou, and Harbin. The intention was to support the people as they cope with caring for the infected people in the hospitals and promote mental and physical health to those who were in isolation due to the shutdown. Every session included theory practice and Q&A and addressed 35-200 participants.

Topics that I presented

  1. The healing power of breath
  2. Being here now - cultivating presence and deep listening to self and others
  3. Embodied Mindfulness- bringing body awareness, compassion, and creativity to everyday life with MB-DMT
  4. Interpersonal Mindfulness- cultivating presence, attunement, and non-reactivity in relationships
  5. Cultivating centeredness and resiliency in times of challenge and change
  6. Taking in the Good - Building mindfulness and resiliency with pleasant experiences
  7. Self-compassion with MB-DMT

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