Yael Schweitzer, LCSW, BC-DMT: Mindfulness-Based Therapy in Portland, Oregon

Other International Teachings

Upcoming International teachings in 2019

Israel, Be’er Shevah — June 2019

June 30- July 2nd, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: a 3-day training for therapists and other professionals: MB-DMT - an applied course for integrating mindfulness and dance/movement therapy for professionals

Germany, Bochum — October 2019

October 4-6 regional workshop at the teacher training at the Center for Movement and Dance (Zentrum Tanz): Free Movement Expression and mindfulness - Mettler based Creative Dance

International teachings in 2018

India, Dadar Mumbai — December 2018

December 12-16, 2018: CID World Congress on Dance research, Dadar-Mumbai, India.

Lecture: The Dance of Mindfulness – Integrating Mindfulness and Dance/Movement Therapy with MB-DMT.

Workshop: The Dance of Mindfulness -Mindful Pause and Organic Movement in MB-DMT.

Germany, Bochum — August, 2018

August 27, 2018 - One day workshop at the teacher training at Zentrum Tanz: The Dance of Mindfulness - Mindfulness-Based Dance Movement Therapy (MB-DMT)

Israel, Be’er Shevah — February 2018

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev:
February 13-14, 2018

The annual Conference of the BGU Center for Women's Health Studies and Promotion "Woman’s Health- Mental Health, Sexuality and challenges in Treatment"

February 13 – A short workshop presentation:
Mindfulness and Compassion as an Approached to treating in Situations of sickness and Trauma

February 14 – a day workshop:
Mindfulness and Creative dance - for the therapist’s well-being and as a therapeutic tool

International teachings in 2016

South Africa — October 2016

Embody Mindfulness
22nd October 2016 Cape Town, South Africa

A Mindfulness in motion workshop with Yael Schweitzer and Yasmin Lambat

Conducted a workshop with Yasmin Labat were we invited participants to explore emerging approaches of Mindfulness based movement practices that we created through our journey with mindfulness and movement.

We placed the body at the heart of Mindfulness and invited participants to sense the wisdom of their body in stillness and in motion. We called this embodied mindfulness.

Yasmin who developed body sensing invited participants to listen and observe felt sensations with curiosity as they arise in the moment, enriching, enlivening, expanding and deepening awareness of the relationship with one's self, body and the space around. I introduced mindfulness in motion through movement explorations that connected participants with their authentic self and with others and taught the practice of Loving-Kindness in stillness and movement.

Israel January 2016

Provided three short workshops:

  1. Ben Gurion University of the Negev
    Provided 2 workshops for undergraduate and graduate students of Social-work
    Mindfulness in Therapy — applications for the therapist and the client
    מינדפולנס בטיפול – יישומים למטפל ולמטופל

  2. David Yellin college of Education in Jerusalem: A three hour workshop for Dance therapy Students on MB-DMT — Mindfulness-Based Dance/Movement Therapy.

  3. Sdot Negev Center Basic Mindfulness workshop for therapists who work with a population in Conflict-Zon.